Family Mediation Geneva (Rive Droite)


Family mediation?



Because family mediation offers you a space where you can:

  • regain self-confidence

  • express yourself calmly without the fear of being judged or attacked;

  • listen quietly to the other person(s) without judging and without jumping to conclusions;

  • discover a new way of communicating based on active speaking and active listening;

  • find long-term solutions to your problems.

Because mediation gives each member of the family the chance to restructure their lives and to make choices that will benefit all.


Because in mediation, decisions are made by you!



If you have the impression that each time you discuss problems within the family it only makes things worse. If you:

  • are convinced that respect and tolerance are fundamental aspects of human relationships;

  • recognize that the changes in your life require transition management;

  • want to move forward and establish a constructive and durable way of communicating;

  • are willing to engage in a process that will lead to fair and equitable solutions;

  • would like to avoid legal battles and the cost both financially and psychologically.

And even if the conflict seems insuperable, we'll find a way to "put it on hold" so you can effectively engage in a co-parenting project.


Consider mediation!




Mediation is most often used to discuss and resolve family issues such as:

  • separation and divorce;

  • (alternating) custody, parental authority, visiting rights, alimony;

  • (international) execution of visiting rights;

  • changes in circumstances after divorce;

  • parent-adolescent conflicts or other intergenerational conflicts (between parents, children, and/or grand-parents);

  • conflicts between brothers and sisters or other members of a family;

  • succession and inheritance;

  • family enterprise management.


Family conflicts are better dealt with in a private setting!