Family Mediation Geneva (Rive Droite)



A mediation session (by appointment only) normally lasts 1h30. During the first sessions the points of conflict will de identified and the timeframe and fee will be determined. Clients and mediator sign a Mediation Consent, binding them to confidentiality and to professional secrecy. It is important that the mediator is trusted by both sides as an independent impartial third party. Sometimes the mediator meets clients individually to prepare the next joint session.


In Geneva, mediation is always a voluntary process but judges, the Service d'évaluation et d'accompagnement de la séparation parentale (SEASP) and the Child Protection Service (SPMi)

often strongly advise parties to go see a mediator. According to the Geneva Law on Civil Mediation, mediators «shall exercise their functions in complete independence, neutrality and impartiality». The authorities do not have access to mediation case files, a mediator doesn't write reports and cannot be heard as a witness.


Mediation takes place "in the shadow of the law": legal provisions play a role as a benchmark in a mediation process. However, within the limits set by the law, parties can decide themselves what they consider a fair and equitable solution in their specific situation. We cooperate with other professionals who can provide information

and support to our clients (attorneys, notaries, accountants, pediatricians, therapists...).


We draft separation and divorce settlements and, where relevant, prepare a complete file to be submitted to the court for ratification.


Languages spoken : English, français, italiano, Nederlands and Deutsch.


Fee : pro rata, between CHF 200-280/hour. Mediation is covered by the Assistance Juridique of the Canton of Geneva and sometimes by a legal insurance policy, the Tribunal de protection de l'adulte et de l'enfant or by the SEASP.


Ida Koppen works as an expert in mediation, negotiation and facilitation since 1989. She's a registered mediator in the Canton of Geneva ( accredited by the Swiss Associations of Mediators (ASMF/FSM) (,


She works as family mediator at the Office Protestant de Consultations Conjugales et Familiales (OPCCF - and participates in the Swiss Network of Mediators for International Child Abduction Cases of the Federal office of justice.

With a broad multicultural personal background, and extensive knowledge of different legal systems, Ida is well placed to work with international couples and families, to help them understand their specific difficulties and identify the inherent challenges and opportunities.


Ida Koppen

As a Fulbright Scholar, Ida specialized in mediation and negotiation at the MIT-Harvard Law School Program on Negotiation. She worked as a researcher and as research coordinator at the Robert Schuman Centre at the European University Institute in Florence, Italy. She graduated in law (University of Amsterdam) and in environmental sciences (University of Oregon, Honors College).


She received her training in family mediation from Groupement Pro Médiation in Switzerland (, recognized by the European Forum of Family Mediation (

As a professional trainer, Ida is affiliated with the Consensus Building Institute in Cambridge (MA) (CBI - and with the Institut d'Etudes du Couple et de la Famille in Geneva (IECF - and with the Mutual Gains Network in the Netherlands (


She's the cofounder and former President of the Geneva based research-in-action observatory Avenir Familles ( former member of the Board of the Swiss Association for Family Mediation (ASMF –


In 2022, Anita Pordes and Tamara Pacot joined the office for a mediation internship.